Are you never going to love someone?

He asks me, ‘Are you never going to love someone?’

‘If he’ll feel my pain’, I’ll love him.
‘If he won’t judge me on my past’, I’ll love him.
‘If he’ll sit under the sky wiping my tears off’, I’ll love him.
‘If he’ll be loving me rather than my body’, I’ll love him.

Diksha Singh

She asks me, ‘Are you never going to love someone?’

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All Men Think About Sex!

Let me get this straight! All men think about sex. If someone says he doesn’t or if someone is preaching to not think about it? Trust me, they are full of crap!

Being a woman, your idea of love revolves around a billion different things right? Being a man, the idea of love is simple. If the guy truly loves you, he will leave no stone unturned to keep you happy. Yes, he will cuddle you to sleep making sure that the warmth of his soul protects the innocence of your heart. And, yes he will think about sex all this while and there is nothing wrong in that.

I know the idea of your man fantasizing about you creeps you out but what would you rather want? He thinking about you or some random chick off the internet? Shouldn’t you be happy that even in the imagination land of countless possibilities, he dosen’t think about Angelina Jolie (She’s become old anyway), he thinks about You! Continue reading “All Men Think About Sex!”