Can You Fall In Love Over Internet?

People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand. But, why fall in love, why not stay in love?

Anyway, internet is a weird place. I’ll tell you a little story. Last month a friend of mine made 2 fake accounts. One of a guy and one of a girl. And the one with the girl already has 1k followers, of course all being boys…. And every single person had texted this account something or the other. That’s the kind of people you get on the internet.

To, talk with someone, to get attached to them, to consider them amazing, cool, trustworthy, that too over the internet? Ofcourse you can. Not everyone’s the same right? But, to consider them REAL? To call it love? To be ready to trust them with your life? You fucking need to meet that person. You need to know if he/she truly is what he claims to be?

You can fall in love with words. But what will happen when you two run out of words? That’s when the physical connection (I don’t mean sex) between you comes in play and keeps the boat sailing. So without ranting much, all I’ll say is,

Internet can be a Medium, it can be your Wingman. But it can never be the priest that says, ‘you may now kiss the bride.

Raunak Agarwal

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