I am just a stroke of little shades that are not much important in a painting.
I was wrong. Fact is, any painting could be just as beautiful without few shades.
By this window as I see the surrounding playing to the tunes of rains; I realize something strange.
As the wind makes me uneasy and comfortable; I realize something strange.
As I lay here in a low lit room;
As my body wanders here to find its own soul; I realize something strange.
I realize I was wrong again.
I ain’t even that unimportant shade. I ain’t a color.
As the artist drew this window;
I was still that wind.
The very wind that did blew the curtains of the window,
The very wind that played a song for rains to dance.
And the wind which would make someone like me to think.
Of course I ain’t an important shade or color.
But as the artist draws a flying curtains;
I realize what I am.
I ain’t a shade. I now know.

– Shama Javkar

A Confession Letter

They know not what you are to me. May be we are no one to each other, for them and for you as well. But for me, you are the giver, pleaser of my soul. I keep on stealing glances from you, trying hard not to let you know that I am doing so. I have filled my cups with the pearls of your glances. They are enough to make me high or get drunk. If accidentally I cross my path with you, you wave at me and smile. My body fills with warmth then. I could feel my heart throbbing, wanting to run out from my own self. I did steal the color of the sunset from your cheeks to my very own, when you smiled at your lady love. You give me the state of nothingness. Continue reading “A Confession Letter”

What Makes You Break My Heart?

Darling, tell me what makes you break my heart?

What makes you enjoy my turmoil? When I wash my hands in your fire, what makes you enjoy the smell of my burns? What makes you calm looking at my efforts to pull my hands out of it? What makes you grin at my screams? And, when I drown in your sea, what makes you comfortable looking at the chills that run across my body? What makes you breathe victory when I gasp for breath and what makes you smile bright when my sights have blurred?

–  Shama Javkar

The fact that you stand where I once stood. The fact that I went through the same questions some time ago. The fact that what breaks you is something that broke me. Continue reading “What Makes You Break My Heart?”