All Men Think About Sex!

Let me get this straight! All men think about sex. If someone says he doesn’t or if someone is preaching to not think about it? Trust me, they are full of crap!

Being a woman, your idea of love revolves around a billion different things right? Being a man, the idea of love is simple. If the guy truly loves you, he will leave no stone unturned to keep you happy. Yes, he will cuddle you to sleep making sure that the warmth of his soul protects the innocence of your heart. And, yes he will think about sex all this while and there is nothing wrong in that.

I know the idea of your man fantasizing about you creeps you out but what would you rather want? He thinking about you or some random chick off the internet? Shouldn’t you be happy that even in the imagination land of countless possibilities, he dosen’t think about Angelina Jolie (She’s become old anyway), he thinks about You!

There’s a major difference between the heart and the brain. People love with the heart. People think with the brain. Why connect both and create a pool of controversies? why downcast a person just because he’s a tad too horny? As long as his heart is pure, as long as he understands and respects your views towards sex, as long as he is not forcing his intentions on you, he is NOT WRONG.

Gosh! I am so sick of these pseudo feminist male writers on instagram talking about how sexist ALL MEN are. Bro… When it’s 12 am? Even you think about sex. Even I think about sex. So, for the love of simply gaining more followers, stop preaching shit!

Now let me talk about those men who actually are bad, those men who think that a girl is a toy to be played with, those men about whom, all we do is talk, those men who have been glorifed so much that all men have infact become the same.

Stating the obvious and talking about something which everyone already knows about is what you call poetic crap. Why does no one ever state the positive side of things? why not talk about people who are still good? Why not raise hope?

Is negative media really the answer to all things controversial?

While you think about all of this, I’ll go think about sex. Signing off – Raunak Agarwal

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