Happy Women’s Day

What do you get when you combine all the world’s awesomeness and trap it inside a rat hole of responsibilities; A Woman.

‘They say behind every successful man, there is a woman.’ and all the women are like, ‘Wow!’ and that’s the end of it. Really? A bull-shit quote about how women are still behind men, but presented in a cynically refined way is all it took to make an average woman go mum?

That’s the problem you know? The idea of inequality, of bias, of torture, of seeking solace in public movements and poetic words have so been hard wired into your brains that most of the times the solution that you get is an updated, more hideous version of the same old crap or maybe a poem.

Did you know all women are born with a degree? While some of us use ‘Dr’, some use ‘PhD’, women use ‘Compromise.’

Compromise (Noun) is an agreement in which a young girl trades her right to live for a set of gender biased rules.

I recently saw this meme that said, ‘Women in 2018 have 3 kids and still want a guy who is handsome, rich, emotionally supportive and what not.’ Really? Is it a woman’s fault that she is the one who gets pregnant? Can you even imagine a world where men bore babies? We’d still see that meme, only the first word would be men and the number of babies, I don’t know, a hundred?

This is now for everyone out there, read it very carefully! On 8th March, every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated to ‘celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations.’ It is not a day when women got or are supposed to be given freedom! Freedom is not day specific. It’s about celebrating what women achieved all throughout the year! So, Stop celebrating this awesomeness you call woman when you plan to keep her rat-trapped all throughout the year. Do you get it?

Raunak Agarwal

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