Bobs And Vegana!

A man googles, “larkiyon se haut tasveer kaise mange (Innovative ways to ask for nudes)”

Google says, “Send Bobs and Vegana.”

*And yet another creep had learnt his first words in english*

2 mins later, he takes the extreme pain of finding every girl he can and texts them the 4 beautiful words he learnt a while back. Congo dude! You just got yourself the casanova title. But ah, that’s not satisfying enough, right? So now he uses some creepy app to download their profile pictures and sends them as well.

‘Your haut, can I see your bobs and vegana?’ he proudly texts.

*And that moment, that very moment is when the entire male community fails as a hooman*

But who is to blame? Tell me, what’s the first thing a kid does when you give him a new toy? He throws it back at you, he tries to break it. In other words, he misuses it. And now you did the same to a class of people who have forever been bound by our cultures authenticity, our orthodox take on life, our cynicism towards friendship between opposite genders. Yes, you give them the power of internet, you introduce them to a world bound by nothing, you give them such a valuable toy to play with and you expect that their won’t be any misuse?

I Know how these creeps treat women is bad but in their defence they don’t even know what they are doing is wrong. Then how do you expect them to stop? And then you introduce shows like ‘Savdhan India’. Really? Are you trying to fight this immature ‘havas’ or giving them more innovative ways of doing it? People need to be taught, they need to be educated, you introduce something new, you gotta provide a manual. We need to come up with shows and stuff that show men treating women with respect, shows that embrace women, we need to show these creeps the positive side of things. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Women are not just the part of a society, they are the society! And how do you plan to live with yourself by shaming the very society that gave you existence? So, before you stoop to your level of creepiness, try reminding yourself,

A woman with clothes, is the best kind of beautiful. Raunak Agarwal


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