Wooden Villa Realtors is one of the fastest growing Mumbai-based Luxury real estate development companies. All our real estate residential projects in Mumbai narrate a heartwarming story that is the driving force behind us providing you the best level of professionalism. We are design driven, engineering focused, and we are committed to transparency and honesty.


Who are we?
We are a young, established group of passionate realtors. We pride ourselves in creatively turning old rundown houses into an amazing home that suits our clients needs. By coming to us for your dream home, you’ve already made the right first decision. Now leave it to us to turn it into a reality.

This could have been your house :

Or at least it was, before we stepped in!

But where is this place?

  • Central Mumbai.
  • Hidden away from all the chaos.
  • Just a drive away from all your entertainment needs.
  • And near the airport area.

And then, we added our magic :

24*7 Solar Power Backup : Your home comes equipped with a 24*7 solar backup, so that your life is always filled with light and you contribute towards saving the planet too.

A 4 BHK Modular Home : Your home has 4 bedrooms, 3 modern bathrooms and a modular kitchen. Accompanying this is the large living area for all your entertainment needs.

Outer Area and Swimming Pool : There’s lush greens and there’s a pool. Play with your family, chill in the pool, or read a book under the sun. It’s the perfect spot.

And we made it into your dream home :

Looks amazing, right? Wait till you see the interiors!

You might be wondering – why this web page?

Since Covid has us distancing from each other and we couldn’t be there in person to show you a demo of your dream home, we decided we’d make this personalised web page for you. So that wherever you are, you’re just a click away from the next big thing in your life.

We know! We’re just as excited as you are! Kindly reach out to us via email or a call so that we can finalize the contract. Feel free to reach out for queries.

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Imp Note: Showcased designs are not final and can be changed as per the client’s requirements after we sign the deal.

Our Other Projects :

Disclaimer: This webpage has been designed for a project and is not an actual business.