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Then you have come to the right place! Having spent over an year in this industry and gaining tons of knowledge, I help budding authors take that next step and become a published author. If you are looking for getting self published or going the traditional way, professional help is right at your footsteps!

Self Publishing Through Amazon KDP

Get step by step guidance for a smooth sail of becoming a self published KDP author and get your work published worldwide in both Kindle & Paperback. Check out the various plans below:

  • Amazon KDP Complete Set-up Guidance – INR 500/- ($8.49)
  • Professional Cover Designing – INR 2,000/- ($24.99)
  • Manuscript Formatting For Kindle – INR 900/- ($14.99)
  • Manuscript Formatting For Paperback – INR 900/- ($14.99)
  • Complete Amazon KDP Package – INR 3,999/- ($60)

Traditional Publishing Guidance (India Only)

Get all relevant details about the right kind of publishers, query letter help, sample chapter formatting, editorial review and much more for INR 1,000/- only.

Self Publishing Through Self Publishers (India Only)

Self publishers in India offer a wide variety of packages. However, the same can be very expensive and make an author not go with them. I help you choose the right self publisher and also provide the same kdp services for INR 4,499/- only which in turn helps you get tremendous discounts in packages of various self publishers.

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