Review Policy

Hello Sir/Madam,

It gives me great pleasure that you approached me for an honest review of your book. Please find below the Book Reviewing Plans with their respective deliverables and the payment/delivery options:

Plan 1 (Rs. 800/-)

  • Review on My Blog/Website
  • Review on Amazon & Goodreads

Plan 2 (Rs. 1999/-)

  • Plan 1
  • 3 Stories about the book on my Instagram account: @rk_writes95 (50k+ followers) [Book Arrival, Book Reading, Final Review]

Plan 3 (Rs 2499/-)

  • Plan 1+2
  • 1 post on my Instagram feed.

Plan 4 (Rs 3999/-)

  • Plan 1+2+3
  • Book will be permanently added on my website database, Goodreads shelf, and my Amazon verified storefront.
  • Permission to present my review as editorial review in the book description by citing my name. E.g. ‘It was a literary marvel. Totally recommended’ – Raunak Agarwal, Best-selling Author

Why should you pay me?

  • Other bookstagrammers have followers who are also book reviewers who in turn will do nothing but see the review and come asking for a free copy.
  • On the other hand, my followers are actual readers and not book reviewers and will actually buy the book.
  • Moreover, I post book reviews only once a week, and as such do not spam my page with numerous reviews that carry no meaning.

Points to note:

  • In case you want me to order the book, Paperback Book cost will be extra. In case of E-book, (E-book cost + Rs 200/- reading charges) shall be levied.
  • Review shall be posted within 15 days of receiving the book.
  • All payment shall be made in advance, and it does not guarantee a positive review. In case, I do not like the book, I’ll let you know of the same, and if you wish, I’ll not post my review anywhere.

My Website/Blog:

My Instagram:

How to contact me?

Send me an email on raunakagarwal95@gmail[dot]com or message me on my Instagram page: rk_writes95

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