Doesn’t it make so much sense? Our life can basically be broken in 3 parts; *Birth-Disappointment-Death*.

As long as you are alive, there’s nothing you can do to satisfy the people around you. You’ll do a thousand good deeds and still they’ll find a way to demean you. It’s only when you die and are no longer around, that people realize what your value was, how much you did for them and that you weren’t the dill-hole they thought you to be. But ah! It’s too late by then.

Wonder, why start with death? Well that’s what we fear the most, right? So, why not talk about it, be done with it and start anew. Moreover, it makes so much sense, right? Remember I just came back from my death-bed. So, hello fresh reincarnated souls! Let’s take a deep breath and not disappoint anyone for a change.

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