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Fastest selling Poetry/Rant book of 2019 | #1 in Life’s Philosophy & Motivation πŸ”₯

Amazon Flipkart Reader Reviews

Now with a new cover 😍 | Now get the kindle version only for Rs. 49/- [Click Here]

Amazon Flipkart Worldwide

This book won’t break your heart. It will just teach you how to live πŸ€—

Amazon Flipkart Reader Reviews

Become a part of Unicorns. Because, there is none other than Β₯0UπŸ¦„

These are just a few of the happy readers. There are many more. So, when are you becoming one? πŸ™ˆ

Amazon Flipkart Worldwide

Amazon Flipkart Worldwide

For every teenager, who is in love. For every hooman, who is struggling at life. For the demotivated you, who shall rise again.

Amazon Flipkart Worldwide

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