Happy Readers!

22639241_1908730539141233_1971500296509063168_nThis novel presents you with such beautiful poetry that in my medico language, it gives you premature ventricular contractions ( it makes your heart skip a beat). Loved the concept of the book, chapters were totally relatable and you feel connected.. all in all, kudos to the author for such a remarkable effort.. The cover of the book is beyond explanation, its beautiful. I love how the author used little little slangs and words which have their own meaning. Loved it!


13924954_10153961960043802_1695143638706279642_nVery nicely written bro! One can easily relate his life with your book. You covered almost everything one could face. The speech and expression are just terribly apt. I know how hard and tedious that would be. But you do deserve a pat on your back for that. All good fortune for version 2.0


media-20180303This one is the most amazing and creative book I have read! With each chapter having a deep feel and so relatable quote, the writer gives a whole new reading experience. All the rants are based on what we go through in real life and that is the only reason this book connects completely with the reader’s heart! A book that will take you to a ride of ups and downs all the way helping your broken heart heal! Great work Raunak!


Screenshot_2018-03-02-22-02-33-881_com.instagram.androidDo I really need to tell you how amazing you are and how unbelievably beautiful this book is? I love all the details you have added. It’s ethereal. You spell magic. This is indeed incredible. How, just how effortlessly you express such emotions. This just can’t be ignored. How can you be so good? *bows* I am in love with this piece. It’s beyond perfection.


Screenshot_2018-03-02-22-00-18-808_com.instagram.androidThe book keeps giving the readers, ways to relate to harsh reality of their lives and simultaneously motivates them to deal with life in a totally practical, no nonsense manner. The way the writer has written the book makes it seems as if he’s directly communicating with his expressive ranting. The topics talked about are extremely relatable which develops a keener interest among the readers.