Diksha Singh Jadon

Diksha singh was born in punjab, india. She is doing her bachelors in biotechnology from pune university. She believes in never giving up and when people say to her that sky’s the limit she believes that’s really true.

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  1. Adhoora - Phir ek din pahunch he gaya mai uske sheher,Vo to nahi, per na jane vahan jaakar kyu apna apna sa lagta hai,Kisse toh bohot hain hamari mulaakaton ke,Vo bhi vahin, mai bhi vahin, phir bhi na jaane kyu,sab adhura adhura sa lagta hai.
  2. Are you never going to love someone? - Is the idea of love all about accepting a dark past or glorifying a better future? Find out in this amazing collab by Diksha & Raunak.… Continue reading →