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Rules and Privileges

  1. Upon approval, you get ‘Contributor’ rights to the website for lifetime*. This gives you the ability to showcase your content directly on this website and make it available to the world through search engine optimization.
  2. Every author can write a maximum of 1 post a day. All posts are subject to moderation and no changes are possible once the author has finalized his work and submitted the same for approval.
  3. Posts include but are not limited to poetry, a collection of quotes, musings, relatable tales, current affairs, long write-ups, essays, short-stories, etc.

What do you get?

  1. A free seperate wordpress blog* when you sign up to become a contributor.
  2. A dedicated dashboard which shows all the posts written on our website filtered by your posts and everyone else.
  3. Ability to write your post directly on the website and add relevant images*, videos, links and all the customization offered by WordPress.
  4. A dedicated Author Page which shows your photo, your author bio, all your achievements, and a complete list of the posts authored by you.
  5. And lastly but most importantly, the entire world as your audience!

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Terms And Conditions:

  • The core team reserves the right to remove a contributor on disciplinary grounds or due to continuous inactivity.
  • Images can only be chosen from the pexel wordpress library due to copyright issues.
  • Free wordpress blog is provided by wordpress.com when you sign up for a account with them.

Check list of hoomans currently writing with us and find out more about them in page 2.