I am just a stroke of little shades that are not much important in a painting.
I was wrong. Fact is, any painting could be just as beautiful without few shades.
By this window as I see the surrounding playing to the tunes of rains; I realize something strange.
As the wind makes me uneasy and comfortable; I realize something strange.
As I lay here in a low lit room;
As my body wanders here to find its own soul; I realize something strange.
I realize I was wrong again.
I ain’t even that unimportant shade. I ain’t a color.
As the artist drew this window;
I was still that wind.
The very wind that did blew the curtains of the window,
The very wind that played a song for rains to dance.
And the wind which would make someone like me to think.
Of course I ain’t an important shade or color.
But as the artist draws a flying curtains;
I realize what I am.
I ain’t a shade. I now know.

– Shama Javkar

Family [Poetry]

If you’re looking for someone, whose
entire life’s perspective changes,
just because of you; it’s your father.

If you’re looking for someone, who
showers you with unconditional love,
right from day one; it’s your mother.

If you’re looking for someone, who’ll
annoy the crap out of you, and yet,
be your go-to person; it’s your sibling.

If you’re looking for someone, who
can teach you so much in life, even though,
you think they are outdated; it’s your grandparents.

Because, if you’re looking for a feeling,
purer than the purest form of love,
you’re looking for your family.

Always be grateful to them ❤️

– Raunak Agarwal [@rk_writes95]

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