Phir ek din pahunch he gaya mai uske sheher,
Vo to nahi, per na jane vahan jaakar kyu apna apna sa lagta hai,
Kisse toh bohot hain hamari mulaakaton ke,
Vo bhi vahin, mai bhi vahin, phir bhi na jaane kyu,
sab adhura adhura sa lagta hai.

The Unorthodox MAN.

Enough has been said about the fact that men are superior. They get everything they want. Women are always treated differently as compared to men! Ever thought about how difficult it is for a guy with an unorthodox dream to live in our society?

You meet some random relative, they all expect you to be studying some kind of a degree and no, it cannot be any degree. It has to be amongst the popular ones. Such is the pressure that if you are not doing the likes of engineering, ca, doctor, you will look like an alien to them! Continue reading “The Unorthodox MAN.”