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I have been at that point in my life where you currently are – A story to tell – A ready manuscript – But no reliable source to turn to, who can help you get your vision to print. Am I right?

We at Bumblebee Publishing understand the problems that the Author goes through and as such know the perfect remedy to help each of our Authors get the best for their book. So, what can you expect from us? You get mentored by best selling Author Raunak Agarwal at every step of your book. We also have an in-house editor and we provide extensive editing services to improve your book in the best possible way.

You can obviously count on us for any kind of support and marketing help. We will also market your book from our end to help you reach the right kind of readers (Through Instagram and Social Media Advertising).

Our books are also available on Flipkart, Amazon & Book Depository [Worldwide], and major book stores across India.

Kindly submit your proposal to editorialbumblebee@gmail.com

A proposal should ideally have the following documents: 1. A detailed synopsis of your work. 2. Any 3 sample chapters which you believe will best represent your writing. 3. A detailed write-up about the Author/s.

If we wish to take up your project, we will reply to you within 15 days.

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