Raunak’s Books

Paralyzed in Dreamland

Hi! I am Doofus, and I suffer from Sleep Paralysis and Vivid Dreams Syndrome. This means that I see dreams that feel so real, that they can make you question reality. Paralyzed in Dreamland is a collection of some of my vivid dreams – expressed in the form of humorous, yet thought-provoking short stories.

The Things We Do for Love

A relatable modern-day love story that precisely defines the blurred lines between – love, friendship, and social media. This book has now become the fastest selling ‘Romantic Suspense’ novel of 2019. Available worldwide in both Paperback and Kindle with free delivery.

Paperback Kindle Sneak Peek

Heart Broken Musings: Rants | Poems | Quotes

This book is a sarcastic and humorous take on love, life and everything in between expressed through 51 beautiful chapters of relatable quotes, musings, and poems. It basically deals with what we humans go through on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, every chapter is accompanied by a unique and perfectly orchestrated author’s rant or opinion focused on one single person; You. This book was ranked #3 with over ten thousand reads on the online e-book community Wattpad.

Paperback Worldwide Sneak Peek

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