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Heart Broken Musings: Rants | Poems | Quotes

heart broken musings frontThis book is a sarcastic and humorous take on love, life and everything in between expressed through 51 beautiful chapters of relatable quotes, musings, and poems. It basically deals with what we humans go through on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, every chapter is accompanied by a unique and perfectly orchestrated author’s rant or opinion focused on one single person; You. This book was ranked #3 with over ten thousand reads on the online e-book community Wattpad.

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My Ex is Sorry? Or Drunk?

CoverRhea comes knocking at my door in the middle of the night all stressed up. Judging by her messy hairs, smudged eyeliner and an overly-sweaty face, it is obvious she is drunk. The last time I had seen her was around five months back when I had decided to call it quits with her. So, why is she here now? What does she probably want? Will I be able to sleep today?

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And The Award Goes To?

CoverNot being able to cope up with the huge workload, the famous Doofus of Instagram decides to break for the day and return home. However, it looks like he is being followed by someone who is apparently carrying an axe. What will happen when Doofus comes face to face with this axe carrying devil/god? Is it going to be the end of our protagonist?

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Paralyzed In Dreamland

image001Ever woke up to the thought of scribbling down your dream because of how amazing it was only to wake up again? Hey beautiful souls! This is your author Raunak Agarwal and I suffer from ‘Sleep Paralysis’ and ‘Vivid Dreams Syndrome’. This means I see dreams; dreams that challenge one’s own reality. This book is a collection of some of my vivid dreams expressed in the form of short-stories.

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