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  1. adorable blur bookcase books Digital divide in india? - An article on the topic of Digital Divide in Indian Education: A business for the rich and requirement for the poor.… Continue reading →
  2. Bumblebee Publishing - HAVE A STORY TO TELL? I have been at that point in my life where you currently are – A story to tell – A ready manuscript – But no reliable source to turn to, who can help you get your vision to print. Am I right?
  3. Family [Poetry] - A poem on the importance of Family… Continue reading →
  4. This Generation [ A Video Poem ] - A video poetry on the major issue with our generation when it comes to love.… Continue reading →
  5. Dear Diary - Dear Diary, When I am alone, you’re the only one I talk to, about my stepfather.… Continue reading →
  6. Happy Women’s Day - What do you get when you combine all the world's awesomeness and trap it inside a rat hole of responsibilities; A Woman.… Continue reading →
  7. The Unorthodox MAN. - Try chasing an unorthodox dream being a man and you'll realise how unfair life is!… Continue reading →
  8. Can You Fall In Love Over Internet? - Can you fall in love with people over the internet? What really keeps the love boat sailing? Find out!… Continue reading →
  9. What Makes You Break My Heart? - When Shama suddenly asks a plethora of crazy questions, Raunak has the perfect reply for all of them. Find out in this amazing collab by Shama & Raunak.… Continue reading →
  10. Bobs And Vegana! - Women are not just the part of a society, they are the society! And how do you plan to live with yourself by shaming the very society that gave you existence?… Continue reading →